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Services A-Z (101)

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A/V Equipment Request

Request to have setup or checkout for AV Equipment

Access business applications off campus (RSA) - Request Token

Certain administrative systems are restricted and only accessible from on-campus. Employees that are required to access administrative systems, such as Banner, from off-campus will need a token.

Access the ISU Network from Off Campus (VPN)

Access to some administrative applications requires a user to be running “on” the campus network. You can do this from off campus, through the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Activity Insight - Faculty Portfolio

Faculty Portfolio Product

Animation – Request for a consultation

Video illustrations of concepts or ideas that are otherwise difficult to demonstrate.

Argos - Account Request

Argos is a report writing tool used for building and deploying reports, creating files, and dashboards.

Argos - Password Reset Request

Information on how to set your Argos Password and the requirements between Banner and Argos passwords.

Argos - University Reporting Software - Report an Issue

Argos is the official university reporting software used by client offices to report against our enterprise systems.


Banner - Change Account Ownership

Extra Banner accounts not associated with a person's SSO credentials are sometimes necessary within the Banner Administrative product. Examples include: Departmental Reporting and Student Worker Accounts.

Banner - Request Banner Security

Request a Standard Banner Account. Request Banner Account Access within the Banner Administration System

Banner - Reset Your Account Password

Request a reset of your password if you've forgotten it or have become locked out of your account.

Banner Administrative System Overview - Report an Issue

Banner is the primary Administrative System used for all areas across campus.
Banner Accounts are requested through "Banner Security Managers".

Blackboard - Request Student Usage Analysis

Request a report on a student’s activity with a Blackboard course.

Blackboard - Enroll or Unenroll User(s) from a Blackboard Course.

Request to have student, instructor, or other users enrolled or unenrolled from a Blackboard course site.

Blackboard - Merge Course Sites

Request multiple course enrollments be merged into a single course site in Blackboard. Note: Course merge request must be submitted prior to the start of classes.

Blackboard - Request a New Course Site

Request a new Blackboard course site for development use. Development sites are for developing content only, no students will be enrolled in this site.

Blackboard - Request Course Exemption from Deletion Campaign

Request that specific courses that are eligible for deletion (18 months old) under OIT retention policy not be deleted.

Blackboard - Request Early Course Deletion

Request an early deletion for a course in Blackboard.

Blackboard Account Request

Blackboard accounts may be requested for individuals without a University ID.

Blackboard Collaborate Interface Change Request

Collaborate offers two interfaces, Classic and Ultra. Courses are set to the Ultra interface by default, but instructors may request their course to be converted to Classic.

Blackboard Learn - Report an Issue

Blackboard Learn is the official on-line learning environment for Indiana State University

Blackboard Learn Software Integration

Request to have new software integrated into the Blackboard Learn environment.

Blue Reports - Request an Account

Request to create an account for a new user of Blue Reports

Bridge Access Accounts for Office 365

Temporary Bridge Accounts are a special account type for student employees that allow access to shared resources such as shared mailboxes, calendars, and rooms.


Campus Nexus CRM - Report an Issue

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Primarily used for Student Interactions

Classroom Technology Training

Request to arrange one-on-one or group assistance in a classroom (note: non-emergency only).

Computer Acquisition for Faculty and Staff

This service will provide you the information and request mechanism necessary for obtaining the right computer equipment for your needs or those of your department.

Computer Lab Software Installation and Updates

Request to install or update a program in a campus academic computer lab

Computer Simulation Programming

Request a custom program for computer simulation.

Constituent Relationship Management System (Talisma) - Request an Account

Create a CRM account for a new user of the Constituent Relationship Management System.

Constituent Relationship Management System (Talisma) Services

Development or modification of workspaces, canned responses, campaigns, web forms, reports, and rules for existing CRM users

Contact Center (Customer Interaction Center) - New Request or Modification

Contact Center (Customer Interaction Center) provides contact center functionality to university groups.

Contact Center (Customer Interaction Center) - Report an Issue

PureConnect (Customer Interaction Center) provides contact center functionality to university groups.

Custom Programming Consultation

Request an appointment to discuss custom programming for databases or applications


Database Development and Custom Programming for Faculty Research

Database development and custom intake and reporting interfaces for faculty research data storage and analysis.

Department File Share Request- New or Modification

Request a modification to a current “Departmental File Share” L Drive

Departmental Email Address Request- New or Update Account

Departmental Shared Mailboxes are a special mailbox type that allows multiple people to access a single mailbox to send or receive messages. It can also be used for student employees so that their business communication stays separate from their student communication.

Departmental Printer - Request Needs Analysis Consultation

OIT can assist with determining the best printing solution for a department.

Departmental Printing - Report an Issue

OIT will assist Ricoh with troubleshooting issue with departmental printing.

Digital Illustration – Request for a consultation

Professional drawings and/or renderings of concepts.

Distance Education Classroom Technology Training

Support and training is available for faculty teaching in distance education classrooms


Email - Report an Issue


Faculty and Advisor Self-Service

Administrative functions available through web browser access.

Faculty and Staff Conference Posters Printing and Design

Large format presentation poster printing and mounting. Professional conference poster design services are also available.

File Services - Report an Issue

File Services provide network data storage services for individuals and departments.


Graphic Design and Layout Services

Professionally designed and produced layouts for: event signage (including yard signs), general print, the web, research publications, faculty text books, in office displays, wall graphics and murals, etc.

Graphic Media and Printing – Request for consultation

Custom creative service request.


Hardware - Report an Issue

The Technology Service Center provides hardware repair for ISU-owned computers with ISU Property tags, and Scholarship laptops in warranty, and Rental laptop computers.

Hardware Upgrade (E.g., Hard Drive, RAM, etc.)

This service is used to request a hardware upgrade for your computer.

High Performance Computing (HPC)-Request Access

Request an account for HPC access.


ImageNow - Document Imaging System Overview - Report an Issue

Document Imaging and Indexing System

ImageNow - New Account

Request a new account for an office/department that has already implemented ImageNow

ImageNow Document Imaging Implementation

New departmental implementation of ImageNow document imaging system.

Install Departmental Printers on a Computer

Install printers on a computer to enable use of departmental printers.

Instructional Tools Training

Request training on any of the University supported Instructional Tools: Blackboard, Collaborate, Qwickly, Respondus LockDown Browser, SafeAssign, Turning Point, TurnItIn, and YuJa.

ISU Live - Report an Issue

The official university digital signage product. ISU live displays are large LCD displays that can be found all over campus displaying time, weather, ISU and departmental news and social media feeds.


Kronos Time Reporting System Overview - Report an Issue

Kronos is the Timeclock system used by hourly employees of the university


Laptop Rental Program- Rent a laptop

Rent to own a laptop directly from ISU that will serve all of your academic needs. Rentals come with the ISU Student Software Image installed and receive hardware and software support from the Technology Support Center at no additional cost for the duration of the warranty.

Learning/Conference Space - Report an Issue

Report any issue(s) with audio equipment, visual equipment, and computer issues in a Classroom, Labs, or Conference room.


Multimedia Conferencing – Enable Conferencing

Multimedia Conferencing allows users to schedule and hold conferences using their computer or telephone.


Needs Consultant Appointment

OIT consultation to determine technology solutions available to enable better workflow.

Network Jack - Request Activation

Request an existing LAN jack to be activated.

Networking - Report an Issue

Assistance with connecting to the ISU Network via wireless, wired, or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

New ISU Live or Sycamore Research Showcase – Request for a consultation

Official University Digital Signage Solution


Operating System Installation

This service is to request the installation of a new operating system OR to re-install your current operating system.


PC Diagnostics and Tune-Up

This service is to request basic hardware diagnostics, software updates, and anything else you need to keep your machine running at full capacity.

PeopleAdmin Overview - Report an Issue

Applicant Tracking, Position Description and Personnel Evaluation software.

Portal - Report an Issue

Portal Badges provide access to multiple services and 3rd party applications.

Printing Services

Print job submission for Communications and Marketing - Publications

Project – Server Access Request

Request access to the Project Server

Public Student Printer - Report an Issue

This intake form pertains to issues with student public printers on campus.


Qualtrics - Request an Account

Request a new account and credentials for Qualtrics

Qualtrics - Request to Sponsor a Student Account

Sponsor a student's Qualtrics account for class research.

Qualtrics Survey Overview - Report an Issue

Easy to use survey tool. Build Surveys, Send links to targets and accumulate results.


Report an Upcoming Office Relocation

Moving locations can cause computer service interruptions. By providing notice of upcoming moves, OIT can assist with a seamless transition.

Request a Security Consultation

Security Consultation to facilitate security best practices for business use cases or for risk assessment and data security considerations.

Request a University Affiliate Account

Request an "Affiliated" University Account for someone that is not an employee or student.

Request Access to an Application

Request an account for an enterprise software. This is for accounts that do not have a specific form in the Accounts and Passwords category.

Room Resource Calendar (New or Update)

Room Resource Calendars are special mailboxes that are used for booking a room to hold a meeting in.


Scan to Network Folder Access Request

Scan documents to a shared folder on the L drive.

Security Standard Exemptions

A Security Standard Exemption provides faculty or staff with an exemption from an OIT baseline security standard that inhibits effective use of the computer.

SharePoint – New Team Site Request

Used to create a request for a new SharePoint Team Site

SharePoint – Workflow Consultation

Consultation to create a workflow on an existing SharePoint Team Site

Skype for Business – Request Service or Modification

Unified Communications tool enabling communication and collaboration.

Software - Installation

Faculty and Staff can request software installations through OIT for their ISU issued computer. These installations can be accommodated through Software Center or by an OIT consultant.

Software – Purchase Requests

This service is used to request purchases for both “productivity” type software, such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Adobe (and others) and shared use enterprise software, which Team Dynamix is an example.

Software Applications - Report an Issue

If any installed or web-accessed software is not functioning as expected, this form will be used to report the issue. Please use the dedicated forms for Blackboard, Banner, and MyISU Portal.

Software Center (New Products / Product Updates)

This service is to request the availability of a new product or a product update in Software Center.

Student Conference Poster Printing

Large format presentation poster printing.

Student Print Balance Payments

Students requesting to add money or requesting credit be applied to their Print Balance account

Student Printing Software Installation

To use the printers, students need to install the printing software on their laptop.


Team Dynamix – Change Request

Request a change in a Team Dynamix Service, Incident, Reports, Desktops, or Knowledge Base Article.

Team Dynamix - Report Request

Request a custom report, make modifications to an existing report.

TeamDynamix - Report an Issue

Report an issue with a Team Dynamix Service or Incident. If you have suggested change, complete a Team Dynamix Change request, if you have a question select the "Questions" tab in the Navigation menu.

TeamDynamix - Request Account Actions

Request Team Dynamix access, modify an existing account license or permissions, or remove a Users access.

Telecommunications & Networking Services

Request Telephone Services/Report Telephone Troubles

TK20 - Education Student Assessment Tool

Proficiency Assessment Tool


Unified Communications - Report an Issue

Unified Communications provide critical communication services for its users.

University Account Overview - Report an Issue

University Accounts are automatically created when you are associated with the university in some way. Whether you are a student, staff or faculty; you will have a university account created. Here is what you need to do to activate your University Account or report an issue with that account.


Video Recording & Live Event Streaming

Video recording or live streaming of events or classroom guest speakers

Voice Mail – New Mailbox or Modification

Voice Mail service for campus telephones.