LISTSERV- New Mailing List


A listserv is an electronic bulletin board for posting messages and sharing information. Practically speaking, these are e-mail-based communities for people who share similar interests. In this case, a shared interest in student transition-related issues. When e-mail is addressed to a LISTSERV, it is automatically broadcast to everyone on the list, giving you a way to have open discussions with dozens or even hundreds of people through e-mail.

Standard Services and Features

  • Mailing list for a group

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 3 business days.


Mailing lists are available to Faculty and Administrative staff only. A valid ISU email address is required. This list will be hosted on

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Service ID: 19115
Mon 4/17/17 9:13 AM
Mon 4/3/23 10:09 AM