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Online Classes / Remote Work

Top Self-Help Articles relevant to remote instruction and work for Students, Faculty, and Staff.
The search functionality at the top can be used for additional assistance as well as contacting our Help Desk (Technology Support Center) during business hours.

Accounts and Passwords

Articles related to creating accounts and managing passwords for university enterprise applications.

Business Applications

Articles associated with administrative software such as Banner, Argos, ImageNow, Kronos.

Getting Connected

Articles associated with on-campus and off-campus connections to network (wireless and wired).

Academic Tools and Research Support

Articles associated with instructional tools (Blackboard, YuJa, Respondus, Turnitin, etc.) and programming services for faculty instruction and research projects.

Hardware, Software, Printing

Articles associated with computer hardware and software, printers/printing, computer and software purchases.

Email, Calendaring, File Storage and Additional Productivity Tools

Articles associated with office and personal productivity tools such as email, calendaring, and file storage.

Conferencing, Collaboration, and Telephone

Articles associated with SharePoint, telephones, voicemail, and conferencing.

Graphic Design, Multimedia, and Video

Articles associated with graphic design and layout consultation, printing, and video.

Classrooms and Labs

Articles associated with audio-visual, software and hardware for academic classrooms and computer labs.


Information about ISU data security, how to protect your personal and ISU device, security exemption request and consultation.

IT Professional Services

Articles describing services Project Management, Technology Support Center and Consultant services.

Articles (1)

Security Awareness: General Best Practices for Security

ISU employees must follow security-related best practices. Such practices are common across many different computer environments, and apply on personal computers as well as ISU computers.