University Affiliate Account Maintenance Information

Indiana State University Faculty and Staff that sponsor individuals as educational or business affiliates are responsible for maintaining the status of the account.  The affiliates account will be managed by the sponsoring employee through the MyISU portal, Employee Self-Service pages.

How to Access the ISU Affiliate Maintenance Page

  1. Log in to MyISU
  2. Search for:  Employee Self-Service
  3. Select the "Self-Service Menu" link on the left side of the page.
  4. Under Employee Services - Select: View/Update Sponsored Affiliates

ISU Affiliate Maintenance Summary

The maintenance summary displays the information in the table below for all of the ISU Affiliates that are within your responsibility. The only action to be taken on this page is to select the ISU Affiliate you wish to update.  Clicking on the person's name will take you to the Affiliate Maintenance Detail page where you can end or extend the Affiliate Account.

Guest ID the University ID Number associated with the affiliate.
Valid ID Either EA to indicate "Educational Affiliate" or BA to indicate "Business Affiliate"
Guest Name Affiliates full name provided by the sponsor.
Activation Date Date the Affiliate was activated or renewed.
End Date The date the affiliation will end.
ISO Number The Affiliates ID card number if they have an ISU ID card
FERPA Signed FERPA  Acknowledgement Status

How to End or Extend an Affiliate Account

Once you have accessed the ISU Affiliate Maintenance page follow the steps below to update the affiliate accounts end date.  The only field that can be updated on this form is the "End Date" for the affiliation. 

  1. Click on the name of the affiliate you wish to update.  You should now see the detail screen for the affiliate you selected with more information about the affiliate including some demographics and possible employment information.
  2. Select the end date to:
  • End the affiliation as of a specific date in the past, present or future.
  • Extend the affiliation for up to 365 days from the current date.
  1. Click Submit to save the changes.

As noted on the Maintenance Detail page -

If you have any problems with the ISU Affiliate - or the use of these maintenance pages, please use the University Affiliate - Report an Issue Service.

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