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University "Affiliated" Accounts are created for people that have no current affiliation with ISU**. This service allows a current employee to request access to the ISU Secure Network for someone that would not normally be granted that access.  This affiliation is temporary and generally set up on an annual basis or less.  An Affiliate is sponsored by an employee of ISU and must have a University business need to use University resources.

  • Affiliated Accounts require a current employee to "sponsor" the affiliated account.  
  • The Sponsoring Employee will be responsible for all activity associated with the account and for renewing or expiring the access. 

**Employees and Students automatically have University Accounts created when you are associated with the university in some way.

**You do not need an affiliate account for wireless access. ISU-OPEN is available for those that do not have university log-ins

Standard Features

  • Types of Accounts
    • Accounts with Access to ISU Networks
    • Accounts with access to Office 365 resources


  • Access to ISU Networks for
    • Vendors
    • Consultants
    • Visiting Faculty
    • Volunteers
    • Auditors
    • Partners with Contractual relationships.  ie: Sodexo Employees


Requests must be sponsored by a current employee of Indiana State University.

Account Creation requires that the ISU Affiliate:

  • Provide Contact Information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Birth Date
    • Email Address
  • Sign FERPA Agreement to access any ISU Data.



Request Affiliate Account

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