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This article is to assist users in signing into their Polycom Desk Phone after their migration to Microsoft Teams is complete.
To allow a quick comparison of the software update and phone changes for 2023.
Following these instructions you should be fully connected to the VPN appliance.
This article will describe audio/video devices to be used with ISU's unified communications system.
Describes the computer ownership standards for ISU employees.
How faculty can allow students to publish videos with Instructor Review or freely to a Course Channel in YuJa
This article is for first time users installing the Software Station and those wanting to make sure their Software Station is up to date.
The Software Capture for PC application enables click-to-access recording via a laptop, desktop or podium computer.
How to install and run the Chrome extension and share either full screen or an application window.
The Video Platform’s Quizzes offer a way to assess learning, encourage interaction and to measure understanding of video content. Content Creators can make video quizzes using any uploaded video content in their Media Collection.
This article describes how to use the Message Quarantine functions in Outlook in Office 365 in order to receive all of your email messages.
This article provides general information about Instructional Tools available at Indiana State University.
How to move a Zoom recorded video over into YuJa.
This article will provide the operational requirements for handling data according to Indiana State Universities policy for data security and management as defined in the University Handbook section 932.
View the process for getting support for Contact Center.
This article describes frequently asked questions about LISTSERV mailing list used for repeated correspondence with a group of people. The target audience is faculty and staff.