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Active Employee / Student Search enables staff the ability to validate roles and ID card status of students and employees by searching on University ID or University Username.  The page can be used to verify the identity of students and employees by matching ID card photo to full name.  Instances where ID card photos are marked confidential, specific Banner roles can be requested to allow limited staff the ability to view confidential photos.  Cases where confidential photos are not displayed will not hinder staff since ID card information is still available for review and can be used to verify the identity and card status of the student/employee.


Only current employees, student employees, and current faculty have access to Active Employee / Student Search.  In order to receive privilege to access the page, users must have either of these provisioning roles: CEMP, SEMP, CFAC.  Additional security is needed to view confidential photos and can be requested by asking for the Banner security group ISU_VIEW_CONF_PHOTOS.  Please contact your departmental Security Manager if you need the ability to view confidential photos.

Students and employees can be searched by University ID or University Username.  University ID and University Username must be accurate and non-partial otherwise a record will not be displayed and an error message of "User not found" will be shown.

When a record is found, full name, ID card information, ID card photo, and institutional and provisioning roles will be displayed.  If the Banner Confidential indicator is set for the entered ID, the photo will not display unless you are included in the security group ISU_VIEW_CONF_PHOTOS. Information which will always be displayed under the full name is as follows:

  • ID ISO Number
    Unique identifier for ID cards which can be used to verify a valid card.
  • ID Card Role
    The current role associated with the person (STAFF, STUDENT, FACULTY)
  • ID Card Status
    Determines the status of the card (ACTIVE, INACTIVE, RETIRED)
  • Institutional Roles
    Displays specific roles the person has at ISU in order to verify their authorization (STUDENT, EMPLOYEE, etc.)
  • Provisioning Roles
    Displays specific roles the person has been granted (more information can be found here)

Active Employee / Student Search can be accessed through the ISU Portal under Employee Self-Service->Employee Services->Active Employee / Student Search.

Additional Resources

Provisioning Role Descriptions
Active Employee / Student Search (requires login)

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