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This article will provide general information about Active Employee/ Student Search function in Banner.
This article provides a link to the product roadmap for Banner.
A Banner account request must originate from an employee's supervisor - individuals can’t just request a Banner account on their own.  If there is no indication as to why or what is needed, we must respond to the request by asking for their supervisor to submit the request.
This article describes how to use the file upload process in banner. The target audience is staff members who use banner.
Answer to questions concerning the new Banner 9 Application and Single Sign-On
High Level overview of the Parchment Transcript Integration, including the issues that may arise when trying to print or process records.
The Automic/UC4 Job Scheduler is an Applications Manager software package that automates processes and task scheduling for distributed environments. It is used to automate enterprise job scheduling and integrate applications, primarily related to the Banner PROD database. Clients are able to view their jobs progress and results via a web-based interface.
This article explains what fine-grained access in Banner entails, and what is currently applied in our Banner environment. The target audience is departmental security managers and business analysts.
Current list of departmental security managers for Banner.
Individuals associated with the University have the ability to add or remove a Chosen name in Self-Service. This article provides instructions and concerns.