Product Support Page (UC4-Broadcom-CA Technologies)

ISU Support


OIT Support OIT-CPRgroup (Stacey Bocard X3663, Yihua Bai X2678 , Casey Burk X8778)

Support Websites

Community Websites      Select "Community"

Product Documentation

Email Distribution List,,,,,,,; ISU-UC4-L@LISTSERV.INDSTATE.EDU

Major Areas Supported

Office of Admissions

Office of Registration and Records

Financial Aid

Controller’s Office


Vendor Support


Vendor Corporate Website / Headquarters


1320 Ridder Park Drive

San Jose California 95131 

Vendor Representative 


3rd Party Vendor Representatives

Sheila Miller 
Broadcom Sr. Account Manager

David Schitter
AutomWorx  -  Sr. Account Manager

Support Phone Number

AutomWorx:  (303) 350-7386

Support Website

ISU Support will Go through David Schitter:  (contract basis)

Additional Information

Software / Version: (as of 11/01/2023)

  • Applications manager V9.4.1
  • 2 - Environments  (UC4Prod and UC4Test)

Hardware:  Servers – On Premise:

  • UC4Prod and UC4Test  - 2 - Services, run on separate servers/VM
  • Oracle (Banner) 19c / Oracle (Broadcom db) 12c  -    64 bit production


This service is available 24/7, excluding planned outages, normal maintenance windows, and unavoidable events.  If maintenance is required outside of these hours, it will be announced.

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