Recently Modified Articles

This article will provide educational and business affiliate sponsors information about managing the affiliate accounts end date using the Employee Self-Service badge in the MyISU Portal.
Frequently asked questions concerning the University Account, University Affiliated Account and the different accesses that each have.
Answer to questions concerning the new Banner 9 Application and Single Sign-On
List of ISU Apps in the New Engage Portal
Outlines steps required to set favorite applications within Engage portal "MyISU"
This article shows the steps for activating the University Account that will provide access to ISU computer-based resources.
This article will provide general information about the University Account created for all students, faculty and staff and used to access the MyISU portal and other web-based resources at Indiana State University.
Steps to reset your password for your University Account
If you have questions about the availability of software, please contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910
This article provides general awareness information about and instructions for responding to phishing campaigns.
This article is a quick start/setup guide to assist new students receiving the Sycamore Technology Award (STA) laptops.
Provides information on how to contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) for help.
ISU's phone system allows for calls to placed to any phone number both inside and outside of the university.

This article will describe the process of dialing international phone numbers.
Summary of choices and recommendations for synchronous collaboration using tools we have at ISU (Skype for Business, Teams, Zoom).
This standard is in place to manage the work and cost associated with cabling and/or activating multiple network connections in a standard office space.
This guide will walk you through the process of acquiring the devices recommended to participate in an Audio/Video Conference.
This article will assist anyone required to set up Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication to access Office 365 resources. This article is for faculty, staff and student employees required to use Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication.
This article will provide answers to frequently asked questions about Office 365 multi-factor authentication. The target audience is faculty, staff, student-employees.
This article will guide you through a brief set of steps for new Blue Report users to get started.
A Banner account request must originate from an employee's supervisor - individuals can’t just request a Banner account on their own.  If there is no indication as to why or what is needed, we must respond to the request by asking for their supervisor to submit the request.
This article provides a link to the product roadmap for Banner.
The process of changing your email address or University Username after a name change is complex, but the Technology Support Center can guide you through the process.
This articles describes, and points to, the software ISU students, staff, and faculty can down load and install on personal devices at no additional costs. If you have an ISU owned machine that you need software installation support please use the service titled "Software Installation for ISU Owned Machines".
Information regarding Microsoft's semi-annual update schedule.