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This article describes how Resource Pool Managers are able to manage their assigned staff Project efforts by approving, rejecting, or withdrawing a Project Resource Request generated by a TeamDynamix Project, Project Manager.
This article will assist you in setting up or request delegate access to be able to make calls on behalf of another person or common area phone.
The guide below will walk you through the process of changing your conference ID information.
This procedure will walk you through the process of installing updates using Interactive Update.
Polycom VVX phones, connected to Skype for Business, allows calls to be transferred to other phones using a phone number or contact entry.  This article will walk you through the process of performing this operation.
Our Contact Center environment includes multiple methods of accessing the client software. This article will focus on how to access and use the Interaction Connect (IC) client. This software will allow you to connect and access the functions of the system through your web browser.
This article describes how to use the file upload process in banner. The target audience is staff members who use banner.
This article describes how to establish access to the Student Manager application. The target audience includes staff and Help Desk technicians.
This article will show you how to enter issues and risks in a project.
Workspaces also play a role in Resource Capacity Planning by allowing Workspace members to estimate how much non-project and ticket time they expect to spend in the Workspace throughout the year.
This article describes how to manage your desktops.
This article describes how to customize a Desktop Template
The article describes how to delete or rename duplicate desktops.
This article describes how to create a new knowledge base article in the TeamDynamix application. The target audience is OIT student employees and staff that create knowledge base articles.