How to Approve Project Resource Requests


In order to optimize and better plan staff resources, OIT has instituted a Resource/Capacity Management process. This involves creating projects where the Project Manager requests staff members and their estimated time required to support the project.  After the resource request is made, the staff members Resource Pool Manager must approve the allocation request, including the time requested.


  1. If the project manager is also the user's resource pool manager, no resource request will be generated.
  2. When Managing by Plan, resource requests are not generated from schedules pulled from tasks.
  3. Requesting a Schedule decrease will not generate an approval request.


Project Manager Creates a Request

A Project Manager (who is not the staff member's Resource Pool Manager) can generate a Resource request in two ways:

  1. The Project Manager adds the Staff Member to a Project (see the related article Adding Resources to a Project)
  2. The Project Manager increases the existing schedule for the Staff Member.

At this point the Resource Pool Manager will see the approval in  the following ways:

  1. Email Notification
  2. Resource Management application "Awaiting My Approval":
  3. My Work|Approvals
  4. In the "My Tickets and Tasks" Desktop, there is a report called "Resource Requests Awaiting My Approval".
Resource Management|Awaiting My Approval My Work|Approvals

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Whatever method is used to open the Approval Request, you will be taken to the same Resource Request Approval form. To take action on the request, select    and select one of the options:

  • Save the request for later
  • Approve the Request
  • Reject the Request
  • Withdraw the Request
Approval Actions

Resource Pool Manager Creates a Request

If a Project has the setting "Allow resource pool managers to request schedule changes but require project managers to approve edits" in the "Resource Schedule Editing" section and the Resource Pool Manager saves a schedule change, or attempts to add a new staff member in the "Resource Management application, the Project Manager will be notified of the requested change.

Project Configuration Recourse Management|Manage Allocations


Resource Pool Managers are able to manage their assigned staff Project efforts by approving, rejecting, or withdrawing a Project Resource Request generated by a Project Manager. The following scenarios are then supported:

  • For resource requests sourced from a project manager, the resource pool manager may approve or reject resource requests.
  • For resource requests sourced from a resource pool manager, the project manager may approve or reject resource requests.


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