How to Create and Edit a Knowledge Base Article


This article will give brief instructions on how to create an article in the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base. Articles may be created quickly to capture knowledge and later revised to complete the content and apply the standards.

Steps to Create

  1. Access the TeamDynamix Client Portal
  2. Click on the Knowledge Base and navigate to the category in which you'd like to create a new article
  3. Click on the new article button on the right side of the page
  4. Complete the following fields while referencing the Knowledge Base Article Standards.
  • Subject is a required field and will appear as the title of the article.
  • Body is a required field and will need to have at least one character in order to save the article.
    • Before writing content, consider applying a template as described in the KB Article Standards for proper article formatting.
  • Article Summary is a quick summary of the article displayed on the category page and search results.
  • Tags are keywords that will assist with searches for this article and related articles.
  • Status should be changed to not submitted until the article is ready to be submitted for review.
  • Next Review Date is the date in which this article will be up for review once approved and published. Please set this no more than 1 year ahead.
  • Owner will default to the person that created the article and may be changed later.
  • Notify Owner on Feedback - Please check this box to receive notifications on feedback to this article.
  1. Click Save to create the article

Note: Non-required fields may be completed at any time before the article is submitted. Example: Saving work in progress articles with a status of 'not submitted'.

Once you are ready to submit your article, there will be a Submit Article button one the article's main page. Alternatively, you may also change the status of the article to Submitted in the article settings. After an article has been submitted, your area director will review/approve the article before it is published.

Steps to Edit

  1. Access the TeamDynamix Client Portal (or use the 'My Knowledge Base Articles' desktop in TDNext and skip to step 4)
  2. Navigate to the Knowledge Base
  3. Click on My Articles to see a default list of all the articles you are listed as the owner
  4. Click the article you would like to edit
  5. Click the Edit Article button
  6. Select the link to the part of the article you will edit, i.e., content, settings, etc.
  7. Refer to the Knowledge Base Article Standards for the type of article you have created to apply the appropriate standards.
  8. Make sure to Save each section before moving to another
    • Note: There are two options to save updates to the content section:
  • Update Article to save your changes as the current version.  
  • Save Draft to save your changes as a draft pending review until you are ready to approve the changes by selecting Update Article


You should now be able to create and edit a new Knowledge Base article in TeamDynamix.  Please see the other articles related to this subject. 

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This article will provide the standards that should be applied when creating a knowledge base article in TeamDynamix. The target audience is students and staff that will be writing, reviewing, approving and publishing knowledge base articles.