How to Separate Email Conversations Into Messages in Outlook Web App


In the Outlook Web App, email messages may be displayed as conversations rather than separate messages.  This article will describe how to display messages in your Outlook Web App inbox as separate messages similar to the way the Outlook client displays messages through the desktop application.   


Estimated time to complete

5 minutes


  1. Go to your inbox on your outlook web app
  2. Click on "settings" in the upper right hand corner (gear icon)
  3. Go to Arrange Message list
  4. Click on 'Show each message separately"

After a few seconds, you should see your inbox reorganize into every email being its own message rather than as conversations. 


You now have the steps to separate your emails from conversation threads to separate emails in the Outlook Web App.  This will make the Outlook Web App similar to the desktop client and should be less confusing and easier to find separate emails.


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