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Email Account Deletion for Retirees and Alumni FAQ

Retiree and alumni email accounts are deleted once annually if a retiree has not logged in to the account for one year. The process is run in December, looking at activity from December 15 of the previous year to December 16 of the current year. If an account is deleted, it can be recovered for 30 days with mail in it; if it is requested to be recovered after 30 days from deletion, a new (empty) account will be created.

Email Retention FAQ

This article answers frequently asked questions about email retention for faculty and staff.

Email Retention Standards

The article will define retention standards for faculty and staff email sent out of or received by our enterprise system in Office 365.

How to Add a Confidentiality Statement to Outlook Email Signature

This article describes how to add the recommended confidentiality statement to your Outlook email signature. The target audience is faculty and staff.

How to Add a Shared Mailbox to the Outlook Client and the Outlook Web App

This article will show you how to add a shared mailbox to the outlook client and the outlook web app.

How to Create a Contact Group or Email Distribution List in Outlook

This article describes how to create an email distribution list for PC or Mac.

How To Find and Release Quarantined Messages in Office 365 Outlook

This article describes how to use the Message Quarantine functions in Outlook in Office 365 in order to receive all of your email messages.

How to Manage Email Retention

This article describes how to set retention tags to change the amount of time an email or group of emails is retained for students, faculty, and staff.

How To Send a Campus-Wide Email

Instructions for sending campus mail.

How to Separate Email Conversations Into Messages in Outlook Web App

This article provides instructions on how to separate email conversations into messages in the Outlook Web App for staff, faculty, and students


This article describes frequently asked questions about LISTSERV mailing list used for repeated correspondence with a group of people. The target audience is faculty and staff.