Email Account Deletion for Retirees and Alumni FAQ


Retirees are allowed to keep their ISU email address ( as a benefit of retirement.  Retirees have no requirement to notify ISU if they are not using their account any longer, but ISU has a responsibility to maintain an efficient environment.  Maintaining an efficient environment includes removing accounts that are no longer being used.  For retirees, we will maintain a practice of looking at log-in history to determine if an account is still being used.  If retiree email accounts are not used consistently and with some frequency, they will be deleted.  This article describes the retiree email account cleanup process.

When does the retiree email cleanup process occur?

This process occurs annually, December through January.

How does the retiree email cleanup process occur?

In mid December (around December 15), retirees who have not logged in to their email account during the prior year (December 16 - December 15) will be identified.  These retirees will be sent three (3) emails in their ISU retiree account:  one in mid December, a second email in late December, and a third and final email at the end of the first week of January.

If a retiree logs in to his/her email account in response to any of these emails, the process is stopped for that person and his/her account will continue.

If a retiree does not respond to any of the three emails by logging in prior to January 15, the account will be deleted.

Once deleted, can the account be recovered?

The account can be reactivated for 30 days after deletion, and all mail that was previously in the account will still remain.  If a request to reactivate is received after 30 days post-deletion, the account will be recreated as a new account; in this situation, all mail that was previously in the account will be lost and cannot be retrieved under any circumstances.  If an account is created new, it will have retention tags like every other ISU account.

How does a retiree request their email account be reactivated or recreated?

Call the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910, identify yourself as a retiree, and request that your account be reactivated or recreated.





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