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Retiree and alumni email accounts are deleted once annually if a retiree has not logged in to the account for one year. The process is run in December, looking at activity from December 15 of the previous year to December 16 of the current year. If an account is deleted, it can be recovered for 30 days with mail in it; if it is requested to be recovered after 30 days from deletion, a new (empty) account will be created.
Office 365 Message Encryption allows ISU email users to send secure protected emails with individuals outside of the University. This can be important to ensure messages securely reach the intended recipient, especially if sensitive data is included.
This article describes the steps to take and what to look for in an email to help you identify an email phishing scam and protect your personal information. This article is for students, faculty, and staff.
This article provides general awareness information about and instructions for responding to phishing campaigns.
This article provides examples of student employment-related email scams.
How to recognize and report email phishing attempts with a "current event"-type subject
This article describes how to recognize and react to fake job offer scams.
The Standard for ISU Email Security for Mobile Devices defines the centrally enforced security device policies required for use of ISU email on personal and ISU-owned mobile devices by ISU faculty, staff, and affiliates. These device policies are required in order for ISU to comply with both the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Indiana Code (IC) 4-1-10.
Malicious actors are using the Coronavirus event as a basis for sending phishing emails, purporting to offer information or fraudulent grant money.
This article will show you how to add a shared mailbox to the outlook client and the outlook web app.
ISU provides some technology services to retirees, but important changes take place at the retirement date which may require action.
Instructions for sending campus mail.
This will provide answers to frequently asked questions for connecting receiving your ISU email via your mobile device
This article provides instructions on how to separate email conversations into messages in the Outlook Web App for staff, faculty, and students