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This article will provide general information about the University Account created for all students, faculty and staff and used to access the MyISU portal and other web-based resources at Indiana State University.
This article provides locations for student printers. The target audience is students.
Document on types of AV installations on campus and how they are serviced or maintained by OIT - Educational Technology Services.
This article will describe audio/video devices to be used with ISU's unified communications system.
This article provides general information about OneDrive features for students.
If you would like a new network jack, phone jack, or cable TV jack installed or have an existing jack that is not active or not functioning, please contact Telecommunications.
Support for traditional telephone services is performed by Telecommunications. Requests for repair or installation of traditional telephone services can be requested directly from Telecommunications.
Support for normal office phones will be provided by OIT. Support for special phone lines will be provided by Telecommunications
This article contains key TeamDynamix terms and definitions.
This article provides general information about testing your home network to improve your experience working from home.
This article will provide general information about eduroam at Indiana State University. The target audience is students, faculty and staff.
Perceptive Content Apps is the replacement for ImageNow WebNow. Content Apps enables more flexibility by allowing access through any web browser because Java is no longer required as with WebNow. If transitioning from using WebNow, users will notice similarities between the products, or if a new user, the intuitive interface will allow for a quicker and easier learning curve than with WebNow.
Making the most of technology safely and securely can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, regardless of what technology you are using or how you are using it, here are four simple steps that will help you stay secure.
This article describes ransomware and advises employees on what to do if they think they have been infected by this type of malware.
This article explains what fine-grained access in Banner entails, and what is currently applied in our Banner environment. The target audience is departmental security managers and business analysts.