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Perceptive Content Apps is the web based application for Perceptive Content (ImageNow). Use of the web based application allows updates to occur without intervention from OIT and updating the user's computer. Content Apps is the preferred application for viewing and updating existing document images.

If you need to request an account, please refer to the Perceptive Content Quick Start Guide in the Related Articles on the right hand side of this page.

How to Access

Perceptive Content Apps can be accessed through any web browser by following the following link:

To login, use your University Username and password.  Anyone who has a Perceptive Content account can use Content Apps.

Working with Documents

Once logged into Content Apps, you will be located on the Home screen where you can choose to view Documents by clicking the “Documents” app.

The document viewer is split into two panes, similar to the Perceptive Content desktop clients.  In the left pane you will see every document view (folder) you have access to.  If additional views are required, you may need to submit a request for additional access through your security manager.  In the right pane, every document under the highlighted view will be displayed.

Hundreds and even thousands of documents may be available, so you may need to narrow the list by providing specific search keywords such as university ID or name. Click in the Search box and the Add Constraint: section will display. Enter the search criteria and select the Add button.  To enter multiple search criteria select the Add button within the search bar.


An open document is split into three panes. 

  1. The left panes displays thumbnails of each page of the scanned document, which allows for easier verification and quicker retrieval of information. 
  2. The middle pane is the highlighted page from the left pane.  With the proper roles you can view, modify, or add annotations in this pane. 
  3. The right pane displays the document properties and custom properties that the document is indexed by.


Any changes done to the document will require it to be removed from version control.

Annotations are managed with the Annotate Page button on the toolbar.



Additional Resources

Content Apps:

ImageNow Account Request:  ImageNow – Create/Modify Account Services


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