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Microsoft Office 365 uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a security enhancement that requires a second form of verification when logging into Office 365 resources.   Multi-factor authentication, sometimes referred to as second-step or two-step verification, requires you to authenticate using another method in addition to your username and password.  Multi-factor authentication is required for all faculty, staff and student employees accessing Microsoft Office 365 resources. 

Additional Security Verification Methods

To Sign in to Office 365

There are multiple ways to complete the additional security verification, multi-factor authentication,  and may be changed after the initial MFA set up in your Office 365 app settings found on the Office 365 portal.  Below is a list of the methods to complete multi-factor authentication and a description of how the method is used.  

Method Description
Cell phone
  • Text message sent to your phone with a code to enter into the verification screen.
  • A phone call asking you to approve access using your keypad.
Office phone Do not select this option to add your office phone.  This option is not enabled in the ISU environment. 
Alternate phone This can be any “alternate” phone such as your office phone or another phone you normally use for work. 
Microsoft Authenticator app
  • Download the app and use it to deny or approve a login request without having to type in a code or
  • Use the code that refreshes every 30 seconds to access your account. (See the related article).

To Sign Into Some Apps on Your Smart Phone or Computer

To sign into Outlook, Lync or other apps installed on your computer or smartphone, you'll need to create an app password.  When prompted by the app, enter the app password instead of your work or school account password.  You can use the same app password with multiple apps or create a new app password for each app. 

Smartphones and Tablets Password

*Email app on my iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows phone

  • You may be required to use the app password to sync your ISU email to your phone.  If you do not know the app password you originally created, you can create a new one in your Office 365 app settings found on the Office 365 portal.
  • If the app password is not required you should be able to sync to your ISU email and use your Indiana State University Account username and password.  
Microsoft Outlook app on my iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows phone  You will use your Indiana State University Account username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to log into MyISU

Using Multi-Factor Authentication

The table below describes applications and instances of how Office 365 resources may be accessed that would require multi-factor authentication.  

Application ISU Assigned Computer ISU Owned Computer Personally Owned Computer  Personal or University owned device (Android tablet or phone, iPhone, iPad )
Office 365 portal ( Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlook desktop client No NA NA NA
Skype for Business Yes, but only once Yes NA NA
Outlook app (Android or IOS) NA NA NA Yes, but only once
Native email app (email app already installed on your device) NA NA NA

*The Native email app might not support MFA.  You will still be able to use the app to sync your email to your phone but will authenticate using the App Password. See additional security verification methods.

Microsoft Teams Desktop Application  Yes, but only once Yes Yes Yes, but only once
Office 365 via MyISU portal Yes Yes Yes Yes


Additional Resources

See Related Articles for information about enrolling in MFA and editing your settings.

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