How to Activate Your University User Account

Welcome to ISU!

The Office of Information Technology is excited to help you get started with setting up your account.

What You Need

  • Your ISU email address. This should have been included in your Acceptance Packet or Employment Letter.
    • Student example address:
    • Employee example address:
  • Access to the personal email account you registered with ISU.
  • Your smart phone.
  • Reliable internet access.
  • A computer. Technically this is optional, but activating your account using only your phone will require a few extra steps.

Estimated Time to Complete

Allow yourself 10 - 15 minutes to complete the account activation process.

Step 1

Install Microsoft Authenticator On Your Phone

ISU requires your account to have two-factor authentication for security. Once you've accessed your email account, you will be immediately prompted to add this security measure. The process will be easier if you already have the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.

1. Go to your App or Play Store and search for "Microsoft Authenticator". The app should look like this:

 Microsoft Authenticator logo, a blue lock with an avatar shape in lighter blue. Shows that the developer of the app is Microsoft.

2. Install the app, but do not set it up yet.

Step 2 

Begin Account Activation

1. Go to the MyISU Portal (

2. Click the "Activate your Sycamore Login" link. It is located directly beneath the "Log In" button. You will be directed to a new page displaying the screen below.

An image of the new screen which highlights that you will need to use your ISU email address and that there are accessibility aids located next to the Captcha image.

3. Enter your ISU email address in the first box.  Students: Please note that "sycamores" ends with an "s".

4. Complete the Captcha step by either entering the letters shown or using the words in the audio.

5. Click "Next".

Verify Personal Email

6. Make sure you have access to the email address shown on the next page and click "Email".

7. If you do not have access, you will need to contact the Technology Support Center for assistance in changing your personal email address on file.

Screenshot of the next step in the verification process. This screen will request to email a code to your personal email account. An edited version of the account we have on file will be displayed.

8. It may take several minutes to receive your email to your personal account. The email should look like the one shown below.

Screenshot of an email showing that the sender is displayed as "Microsoft on behalf of Indiana State University" with the address of This email also contains a verification code that will be used for the next step.

9. Once you have the code, return to the screen where you are activating your account and type in the code, then click "Next"

Screen shot of the next screen in the verification process. This is where you enter the code that was sent to your personal email address.

Setup Password

Now you will be prompted to select a password. Password requirements are:

10. Minimum of 8 characters

11. Must contain three of these four options: uppercase (A-Z), lowercase (a-z), number (0-9), or special characters (!#%).

Screenshot of setting up your password.

12. Once you click "Finish" you should see a confirmation page.

Screenshot of password reset confirmation.

13. You should now be taken back to the MyISU login page.

Step 3

Agree to Terms of Service

1. If you are not already on the MyISU page, navigate to

2. Click the "Log In" button.

Screenshot of the ISU Portal page.

3. Enter your full ISU email address and click "Next".

Screenshot of the page requesting your email address.

4. Enter the password you set up in the previous step and click "Sign in".

Screenshot of the page requesting you to enter your password.

5. Next you will be asked if you would like to stay signed in. If you are using a personal device, click "Yes". Click "No" if you are using a public or shared device.

Screenshot of the prompt asking if you should stay signed in on the device you are using.

6. The first time you sign in, you will be presented with our terms of use documentation. You must click the down arrow next to the document to read the text before you can select to agree.

Screenshot of the ISU terms of service document highlighting where to click in order to read the terms.

Step 4

Set Up MFA

In this final step, you will need to set up your multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide additional security on your account. You should receive the following prompt after agreeing to the terms of service.

Screen shot showing the prompt to begin multi-factor authentication set up.

1. Verify that the email address at the top of the screen is yours, then click "Next".

2. It will now prompt you to install the Microsoft Authenticator app. However, you already did this at the beginning. Go ahead and open the app on your phone, then click "Next" on the prompt. (If you don't have a smartphone, you can click the "I want to use a different method" option at the bottom.)

3. The next screen should show a QR code.

4. On your phone, in the Microsoft Authenticator, click the "+" button in the top right corner if it is not already prompting you to add an account.

5. Select the option for "Work or school account".

6. Select the "Scan a QR code" option and scan the QR code that is displayed on the computer.

7. It may take a short time for your device to sync with your account. Once it is synced, you will get a prompt to test the Authentication process.

Screen shot showing a number to verify authentication.

8. On your phone you should see a prompt asking you to verify authentication. Type in the number shown on the computer and approve. *Note* If your phone has any security in place, you will first have a prompt to verify your id on the phone. This is usually done with FaceID, fingerprint, or a pin number.

9. You should see a message on the computer that your notification was approved; click "Next".

Screen shot showing the notification was approved.

10. Your computer should show that your account has been successfully secured. Click the "Done" button and you should be able to use your account to access University resources.

Screen shot showing successful login.



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