How to Connect to the Wired Network in Residential Facilities for Guest


Access to the wired network is available for guests in residential facilities using a network cable and LAN jack.  All residential rooms have network jacks.  If the jack is not activated, please contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 to open a ticket for a LAN Jack Activation.  Network cables are available at the residence hall front desk or the Technology Support Center. 

Estimated time to complete

15 Minutes or less


Automatic Connection

  1. Connect your device via a network cable - Make sure you have a link light on for your connection. See the article on "How to Connect to the Wired Network in Residential Facilities" for more information. 
  2. Once connected to the network jack, you will be automatically redirected to the user authentication pages.  (You may need to open a web browser if your device does not automatically redirect you to the login page and if prompted, accept the presented certificates from the network.)
  3. If you have already registered for a Guest Account on the ISU-OPEN wireless network skip to step 8 using your existing credentials.
  4. Click the link Don’t Have an Account? at the bottom the login page.
  5. Complete the required information on the registration page with your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. (Any additional information you can provide will help us in supporting you during your visit at ISU.)
  6. Click on Register to receive your Username and Password. (As a courtesy, this information will be emailed to you automatically for your future reference.)
  7. Click the Sign On button at the bottom of the screen to return to the login screen.   
  8. Enter your Username and Password.
  9. You should be connected to wired network in the Residential Facilities.
  • Your device will be recognized and will automatically connect to the wired network for 5 consecutive days.   
  • If you have exceeded the number of devices for your account you will be prompted to remove a pre-existing device from your list.


After following these steps your device will be connected to the ISU-OPEN wired network at ISU.

Additional Help

Contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 if you need further assistance.


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