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Assistance with connecting to the ISU wireless/wired/VPN networks when error messages are encountered or other anomalies with connecting.

Standard Activities and Processes

Provides wireless/wired/VPN network connection for devices. Many common issues are addressable by users and can be found in the Knowledge Base. 

SLA:  You can expect a reply within 4 business hours.


Wired Connections - The University provides wired network connections for devices to connect to the local network.

Wireless Connections:

ISU-SECURE – Faculty, Staff and Student Access Only – Secured encrypted wireless communications. Recommended methodology. Requires devices to be able to support WPA2 – AES encryption with enterprise Authentication.

ISU-OPEN – Faculty, Staff and Student access as well as University Sponsored Guests and visitors – Unencrypted wireless communications.

eduroam - Faculty, Staff and Student access as well as visiting educational institutional members whose institution participate in the eduroam system.

VPN - Faculty, Staff and Student Employee and some contractors Access Only.


For wired connections, users should check jacks to determine if the jack is already active. If they get a link but not able to connect to the internet it may be necessary to do a BOOTP request. If there is no link, then they should request a Jack Activation request, this process and provide all the requested information.

For VPN, users should check that they are on the internet and able to access other websites.


As required with advanced notification.


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