How to Securely Print Confidential Documents to a Shared Printer

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Ricoh printers have a function called Locked Printing which enables the secure printing of confidential documents to a shared printer. When sending the print job a code is defined which will then be used to release the job from the printer when the user is present. This same functionality can be used to print with letterhead or other special paper as the job can be held and then released once the desired media is loaded into the bypass (or other) tray. If you have any problems with these instructions please contact the OIT Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910.


  1. Choose Print from the item that you are printing.
  2. Select your printer then choose Printer Properties.
  3. In the Setup tab select the pull down under Job Type and choose Locked Print.

  4. Click on the Details button and enter the following:
  • The user ID will be the ID you use for printing to the copier. If your ID is in your printer settings, you may only need to put in a password.
  • The password is temporary and will only be used to unlock your print job once you get to the copier. This can be different every time.
  1. Once you get to the copier, you can type in your temporary password and print your job.
  • No one else can print the job without your temporary password. This makes your printing secure. This also provides an opportunity to put in special paper (ISU letterhead; colored paper, etc) before you print.
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