Articles associated with student printing, and about printing resources for faculty/ staff, and departmental printing.

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Best Practices for Printing at ISU - Faculty and Staff

This article presents some best practices for cost- and resource-efficient printing.

How to Securely Print Confidential Documents to a Shared Printer

This article describes how to securely print confidential documents to a shared printer.

How To Temporarily Change Printer Default Settings

This article describes how to temporarily change printer default settings

Printer Purchase and Management Standards

Printer and printing management standards have been defined to promote cost efficiency and sustainability.

Removing Pharos Student Printing Client

This article will give a step by step list of instructions for removing the Pharos print client from your machine.

Student Printer Locations

This article provides locations for student printers. The target audience is students.

Student Printing Quick Start Guide

This article will guide you through a brief set of steps to get started using the student printing resources at Indiana State Uinversity.