Hardware, Software, Printing

Articles associated with computer hardware and software, printers/printing, computer and software purchases.

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Articles associated with computer hardware standards, purchasing, and support.

Software Support and Licensing

Computer software installation, purchase, and incident requests.


Articles associated with student printing, and about printing resources for faculty/ staff, and departmental printing.

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Company Portal Quick Start Guide

This article will assist you with understanding what Company Portal is and how to access it.

Computer Inventory Overview

General overview of ISU's computer inventory and what is tracked

How to Add a Printer to a MacOS device

This article provides steps for adding department printers to staff/faculty Apple MacOS devices such as Macbooks, Mac Mini desktops and Mac Pro desktops.

How to Download Apps Using the Microsoft Store

This article will provide information on how to find the app store, download apps, and launch the apps downloaded.

How to View Your Assigned Computers and Tablets

This article will assist you with how to see which computers and tablets are listed with you as the responsible user.

Emergency Work From Home - Setting Up Your Computer and Peripherals

Information on how to set up an ISU laptop and peripherals (Mouse, Keyboard, Monitors, Docking Station) in a work-from-home setting.