Computer Inventory Overview


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) maintains a database of ISU issued laptops, desktops and tablets purchased by each department and machines issued through the Technology Support Center’s pool supply. 


The information collected is used to track equipment and aids in identifying and validating users, should the machine need maintenance or be lost / stolen.  When a machine is reissued to a new user or location, an inventory ticket must be created to maintain accurate records of a department’s technology asset inventory.  Weekly reports are issued by Property Accounting that reflect all changes.  Providing and maintaining an accurate inventory eliminates audit inaccuracies and aids in providing a more secure environment for all users.  As machines are moved around campus and employees separate from the University it is important that the OIT Inventory be accurately maintained.

When a laptop, desktop or tablet is obtained by the University through a department purchase, a secure University property tag is applied to the machine.  The OIT-issued property tag has a unique number that will identify the specific device throughout its life cycle.  Along with the property tag number, the following information is logged for each device:

Vendor                                 Model                                   Asset Type                          Serial #

Wired MAC                         Wireless MAC                    Machine Name                 IP Address

Warranty Start Date        Warranty End Date          Grant Funding                   Purchase Order

Purchase Date                   Purchase Price                   Equipment Status            HD Size

For all OIT-issued equipment, data is collected regarding the identity of the primary user (ISU employee directly responsible) and, when applicable, the secondary user (student under the supervision/authority of the primary user).  In addition to identity data, the purpose for the device issuance is also recorded as it is often useful when tracking misplaced equipment.  The following information is recorded for both primary and secondary users:

First Name                          Last Name                           Univ. ID#                              Position ID

Portal ID                               Role                                       Room #                                 Building

Org #                                     Department                       Notes (used to document Purpose, etc.)

When devices change status (e.g. a laptop is returned by an employee that is leaving and provided to their replacement), these status changes must be recorded by the appropriate staff or faculty member by submitting corresponding tickets to the Technology Support Center providing the following information:

  • Property Tag number and model of the equipment
  • Name of new users (primary and, if applicable, secondary)
  • Purpose of device issuance
  • Department name and Org #
  • Building and room number where the equipment will be primarily located/used

Additional Information

For questions related to the computer inventory, contact the OIT Technology Support Center by calling 812-237-2910.


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