How To Temporarily Change Printer Default Settings

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There will be occasions when one needs to print in color or to turn off duplex printing. The instructions below will walk you through the steps necessary to make temporary changes to your print settings to overcome these defaults while printing a specific document. The dialogue boxes below are for a Ricoh printer, but most printers will have similar functionality. If you are having trouble with these instructions please contact the OIT Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 for assistance.


  1. Choose File/Print from the program that you are printing from.

  2. To temporarily print in color, you will need to change the settings from black and white to color.
    • Click on Printer Properties.
    • Select the arrow next to Black and White and change it to Color.
    • Select OK.
    • Select Print.

  3. To temporarily print in one sided sheet printing, you will need to turn the duplex setting off.
    • Select the arrow next to Open to Left and change it to Off.
    • Select OK.
    • Select Print.

  4. Once your print job is completed in both of the setting changes above, the next print job will default to duplex printing open to left and will print in black and white.
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