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Pinned Article How to Sign Into a Polycom Phone

This article is to assist users in signing into their Polycom Desk Phone after their migration to Microsoft Teams is complete.

Pinned Article Voice Mail Quick Start Guide

With Unified Messaging you have access to Exchange Email, Calendaring, and Contacts on your phone, utilizing Outlook Voice Access. You also have access to your voice mails in Microsoft Outlook.

Pinned Article Zoom Quick Start (Web Conferencing/Collaboration)

This article contains basic information about Zoom capabilities and information on how to begin using Zoom.

How To Acquire Audio/Video Conferencing Devices

This guide will walk you through the process of acquiring the devices recommended to participate in an Audio/Video Conference.

How To Activate an Information Greeting in Genesys Cloud

Our contact center platform provides us a way of playing an information greeting to callers prior to the main department greeting being played. This information greeting is a way to provide timely information to callers that may solve their problem before entering the queue.

The process below provides a description of how to update the greeting.

How To Activate an Unplanned Closure in Genesys Cloud

Our contact center platform provides us a way of starting an unplanned closure and playing a default greeting to the caller stating that your department call center is currently closed and requesting that they call back at a later time. The greeting will also direct callers to online resources available at

The process below will walk you through the process of enabling the schedule for an unplanned closure.

How to Dial International Phone Numbers

ISU's phone system allows for calls to placed to any phone number both inside and outside of the university.

This article will describe the process of dialing international phone numbers.

How To Enter or Edit E911 Location

This article will help you determine when a location needs to be manually set as well as how to do that.

How to Forward a Polycom Phone

How to on forwarding Polycom phones.

How To Get Support for Contact Center

View the process for getting support for Contact Center.

How To Get Support for Teams or Voice Mail

View the process for getting support for Teams, Skype for Business, or Voice Mail.

How To Log In To Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud is Indiana State University's contact center platform and provides advanced automatic call distribution functionality. The article below describes the process to log in to the contact center interface for users who have access.

How To Record an Audio Greeting for an Auto Attendant or Response Group

This article will walk you through the process of recording and submitting an audio file to be used on an auto attendant or response group.

How To Request an Audio Device

Skype for Business is a versatile communications platform.  As such, devices such as headsets or desk phones are utilized to allow users to communicate with telephone-like functionality.

How To Set a Voice Mail Greeting Letting Others Know Your Are Away

Configure an "Away" greeting to inform callers that you will be away from your phone for an extended period of time.

How To Transfer a Call Using Polycom VVX Phone

Polycom VVX phones, connected to Skype for Business, allows calls to be transferred to other phones using a phone number or contact entry.  This article will walk you through the process of performing this operation.

Microsoft Teams E911 Location Information

The article below will detail two situations that will determine how location information is determined.

Microsoft Teams Migration FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to Microsoft Teams.

New/Repair Network Jack Information

If you would like a new network jack, phone jack, or cable TV jack installed or have an existing jack that is not active or not functioning, please contact Telecommunications.

New/Repair Phone Jack Information

Support for traditional telephone services is performed by Telecommunications. Requests for repair or installation of traditional telephone services can be requested directly from Telecommunications.

Phone Issue Information

Support for normal office phones will be provided by OIT. Support for special phone lines will be provided by Telecommunications

Shared Voice Mail Quick Start Guide

A shared voice mailbox in the Exchange Unified Messaging environment will allow a group of users to utilize the same extension and retrieve the voice mail messages received on that extension. The functionality that you see is very similar to what you are used to with a traditional voice mailbox.

Telecommunications Charges

This article contains charges related to telecommunication services.

Telephony Device Standard

Indiana State University (ISU) strives to minimize costs associated with providing unified communications (UC) audio devices to faculty and staff utilizing telephone services through University phone systems. These devices provide the interface to our telephony systems and incur costs based on the devices desired.

Unified Communications Audio/Video Device Information

This article will describe audio/video devices to be used with ISU's unified communications system.

Usage Comparison - Teams and Zoom

Summary of choices and recommendations for synchronous collaboration using tools we have at ISU (Teams and Zoom).

What to do After I am Migrated to Microsoft Teams?

After completing the article, it is expected that you will have a better understating of Microsoft Teams to allow for a seamless transition to the new voice platform

Analog Desk Phone Guide

Guide for transferring calls, forwarding calls, and off-campus calling when using analog phones on campus.