Telephony Device Standard


Indiana State University (ISU) strives to minimize costs associated with providing unified communications (UC) audio devices to faculty and staff utilizing telephone services through University phone systems. To obtain support from the Office of Information Technology and its UC platform provider Microsoft, faculty and staff using telephone services must use a certified Microsoft UC device.  These devices provide the interface to our telephony systems and incur costs based on the devices desired.  The Office of Information Technology provides a standard wired headset for each new telephone line / user combination.  In the event a staff, faculty, or department desires an audio device other than the MS certified wired headset provided by the Office of Information Technology the cost for the device will be paid for by the department upon approval by the appropriate supervisor with budgetary authority.  To ensure the proper devices are procured, the Office of Information Technology will initiate requisitions and will submit an intramural voucher to departments for payment.


Standards and guidelines apply as noted to all faculty, staff, and educational or business affiliates of Indiana State University.


Exceptions to the standards and guidelines may cause a cost to the department seeking the exception. If an exception is desired, it should be communicated through the respective department chair or appropriate leadership.


  1. Office of Information Technology procures audio devices for use with university telephony systems. Any device procured outside of this may not be supported should issues arise.
  2. A basic wired headset will be provided for each new telephone line installed on our UC phone system.
  3. If a wireless headset is requested, it can be purchased by the department, from the Office of Information Technology, with the approval of the user's department leadership.
  4. Desk phones may be purchased by the department, from the Office of Information Technology, if desired and approved by department leadership.
  5. Existing Polycom desk phones will be supported as long as Microsoft continues support of the devices.   Microsoft has not announced an end of support date for the desktop phones installed on the ISU campus.  At the time they need to be replaced, they will be replaced with a wired headset unless the user already has a headset.
  6. The timing of replacement of desk phones with headsets will be determined in collaboration between the Office of Information Technology and department leadership regarding any considerations that should be made.


  1. Faculty and staff are encouraged to begin utilizing a headset when feasible. These devices provide the best functionality with our UC telephone systems.


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