How To Activate an Unplanned Closure in Genesys Cloud


Our contact center platform provides us a way of starting an unplanned closure and playing a default greeting to the caller stating that your department call center is currently closed and requesting that they call back at a later time.  The greeting will also direct callers to online resources available at

The process below will walk you through the process of enabling the schedule for an unplanned closure.

Special Concepts

  • To perform this process requires specific access to the contact center system and should only be attempted by an individual with this access.


  1. From the Genesys Cloud interface, click the “Admin” button in the top navigation
  2. Navigate to Routing >> Scheduling
  3. Select the “Schedules”
  4. Find your Unplanned<department> schedule and open it
  5. Modify the schedule so that it encompasses the time you desire your queue to be closed
  6. Save the schedule

Additional Information

For assistance with this process a ticket can be submitted to the Unified Communications group using the incident form:

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