How To Set a Voice Mail Greeting Letting Others Know Your Are Away


With Microsoft Cloud Voicemail you have access to voicemail on your Teams desktop or soft phone.  You also have access to your voicemails in Microsoft Outlook.

As part of this system, you have the ability to have a standard greeting that plays when a caller gets sent to your voice mail, as well as an "Away" greeting that you can activate when you will be away for an extended period of time.  This guide will walk you through recording and activating the "Away" greeting.

Note:  This procedure only applies to person voice mailboxes.  If you have a Common Area Phone with a voice mailbox you will not be able to record and active an away greeting.

Estimated time to complete

10 minutes


To Record and Set Your Out of Office Greeting on a Polycom Phone

  1. Access your voicemail using your phone or Teams client.
  2. Choose Option 2
  3. Choose 2 for Out of Office Greeting
  4. Follow the system prompts to record and save your greeting


To Activate or Deactivate Your Out of Office Greeting on the Teams Desktop App

  1. Click on the three dots next to your profile picture within the Teams application. From the dropdown, choose Settings.

  2. While in Settings, choose Calls and then click Configure Voicemail.

  3. You will now have several options to personalize your voicemail settings (record a voicemail, out-of-office greetings, etc.)​​​​​​


After completing the steps above, it is expected that you will be able to record and activate your Out of Office greeting.  If you have questions or problems, contact the Helpdesk.

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