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This article will describe audio/video devices to be used with ISU's unified communications system.
ISU's phone system allows for calls to placed to any phone number both inside and outside of the university.

This article will describe the process of dialing international phone numbers.
The Polycom BToE Connector is a software agent produced by Polycom.  This connector integrates a Polycom VVX phone to your computer to allow you to sign in to your phone and manage calls from the Skype for Business client.
Skype for Business Enterprise Voice provides telephony services to users.  They will access the service either by using a headset or desk phone.  For users using a desk phone, the following guide will assist you in logging in to your phone.

You will need to log in to your phone again after you change your university password, or after your account has been locked out.
Skype for Business is a versatile communications platform.  As such, devices such as headsets or desk phones are utilized to allow users to communicate with telephone-like functionality.
This article will walk you through the process of adding a user outside of your organization to your contact list.
A shared voice mailbox in the Exchange Unified Messaging environment will allow a group of users to utilize the same extension and retrieve the voice mail messages received on that extension. The functionality that you see is very similar to what you are used to with a traditional voice mailbox.
View the process for getting support for Contact Center (Customer Interaction Center).
Microsoft has a Skype for Business client for MacOS that supports many of the features commonly used on the Windows platform. You can install and sign in to the Mac client using this procedure.
View the process for getting support for Skype for Business or Voice Mail.
Our PureConnect Contact Center environment provides ways for department supervisors, other designated staff, to update informational messages and unplanned hour changes. This article will assist those with access in making these updates.
Scheduled reports allows for a CIC Supervisor to configure a report to run on a specified schedule and delivered via email.
Skype for Business is a very mobile solution, allowing communications when you are not at your desk, or in a conference call. This can cause some audio alerts at inconvenient times. This guide will help you minimize audio alerts when your status is set to Busy.
Skype for Business Enterprise Voice contains full features for forwarding your incoming phone calls to additional team members. These features are called Team Call Groups.
Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) is a tool that enables unified communications.  Using SfB users are able to send instant messages, interact with voicemail, make or receive phone calls, and check calendar appointments.  This allows for fluid communication workflows to reduce the amount of time that is spent handling communications.