How To Log In To Genesys Cloud


Genesys Cloud is Indiana State University's contact center platform and provides advanced automatic call distribution functionality.  The article below describes the process to log in to the contact center interface for users who have access.

Special Concepts

  • Before logging in to Genesys Cloud it is recommended that you have a USB headset to be able to use the system effectively. To request one see the related article "How To Request an Audio Device."


  1. Using a supported web browser, navigate to the URL:
  2. Click the app launcher in the top-left corner
  3. Click “All Apps” and search for Genesys Cloud for Azure, or select it from the frequent apps list
    1. Note:  Subsequent logins should be able to be completed by selecting Genesys Cloud for Azure from the frequent apps list.

Additional Information

For assistance with this process a ticket can be submitted to the Unified Communications group using the incident form:

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