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Microsoft Teams includes features and functionality to be able to dynamically provide location information for the caller in the event that a 911 call is placed. In a mobile environment this will ensure that accurate information is being passed along to the emergency service providers.

The article below will detail two situations that will determine how location information is determined.

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E911 is a term used to describe the 911 environment where a dynamic location is used for 911 calls rather than traditional static locations.

E911 location

The location as entered or determined within the Microsoft Teams client.


On-Campus Location Information

While on campus systems are used to determine E911 location details. A combination of network details are used such as which wireless access point you are connected to, which data jack you are connected to, or sometimes even in general which building you are located in. The system will natively prioritize the most specific location in the event that multiple methods are valid.

OIT is continually building out this functionality so more detailed information is provided based off of campus location.

Off-Campus Location Information

While off-campus the campus network information is not able to be used to determine a caller's location. In this scenario the system will rely on having the location manually entered. Once entered Teams should remember the location in the future.

To see a detailed procedure on how to manually enter a E911 location in Teams, see the article How To Enter or Update E911 Location.


The information above provided you with details about how E911 location information works within the Microsoft Teams environment. For more information please see the related articles.

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