Telecommunications Charges


The Office of Information Technology, in concert with the Division of Finance and Administration has changed the procedures for telephone service charges. Auxiliary and other non-General Fund units will begin receiving monthly bills effective July 2020.

71700 Unified Telecommunications Charges will no longer be billed semi-annually, but rather these funds will be transferred by the University Budget office requiring no action on the part of  departments.

Adds, moves, changes associated with institutional driven projects such as building renovations or moves related to new construction will continue to be covered as project costs.

Adds, moves and changes made at the discretion of your department will be charged on a time and material basis per the information shown below.

FY 2023-2024 rates

Single Line Phones

Install a Standard Single Line Phone


LAN Install

LAN Installation


Cellular Wireless Network Device

Verizon Cellular Phones

Hardware - Actual cost plus 10% admin overhead

Monthly recurring actual cost plus 10% admin overhead

Verizon Wireless MiFi Cellular Wireless Data Device

$15.00 set up/$39.00 per month - Actual cost plus 10% admin overhead

(Minimum 6-month commitment)

Relocate Telephone

Move an analog telephone to another location with an existing jack


Move IP telephone to another location

$95 - Physical phone move, switch port activation, record update and E911 update.

Fiber Optic Circuit

For off campus vendors per single line mode or multi-mode strand

$525.00 per month

Testing and troubleshooting if problems are found to be a vendor issue

$115.50 per hour billed to requesting department

Point to Point Circuit

Alarm Circuit and Dry Pair


$12.00 per month


Wire new location for voice or data services


Administrative Services

Duplicate records, call detail reports, change phone number, etc.

$55.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum

RUSH Charges

Expedite service to next business day

$231.00 per hour plus regular charge

General Information

The Office of Information Technology - Technology Infrastructure Services is responsible for the coordination, implementation and approval of any service or equipment that requires connection to the University's telecommunications infrastructure. Unauthorized telephones and telecommunications equipment may not be connected. Any modems connected to telephones that are provided through the University's telephone system must comply with all guidelines established for use of modems. University departments planning to install services or equipment requiring connection to the University's telecommunications infrastructure should contact the Office of Information Technology for approval, coordination, and implementation assistance

If you have questions, or need more information please contact or call 812-237-8067

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