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Articles associated with audio-visual, software and hardware for academic classrooms and computer labs.

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Articles associated with audio-visual, software, and hardware for traditional classrooms.

Distance Education Classrooms

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Articles associated with computer lab locations and equipment.

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BYOD stations - Dual monitor docking station setup for laptop users

Instruction for students to utilize the dual display setups in HMSU, Library, and TA246. These setups provide access to wired network connection as well for faster internet speed.

Conference Room Equipment Standards

This article will provide standards for conference room equipment standards. The target audience is for any faculty or staff member responsible for consulting with Educational Technology Services to plan the equipment needed for the conference room in their department or college.

How to Access Adobe Creative Cloud on Shared Computers

This article describes how to access Adobe CC applications in labs and on shared machines. By following these steps, users will be able to use Adobe CC applications on University owned equipment in labs and departmental shared use machines on campus. The target audience of this article is Students, Faculty, Staff, particularly those that use or manage multi-user machines.

PowerPoint Presentation Projecting Black Lines During Presentation

This article will provide a resolution to the issue, PowerPoint presentation projecting black lines during the presentation. This article will provide other considerations and possible solutions when dealing with PowerPoint presentation aspect ratios.