PowerPoint Presentation Projecting Black Lines During Presentation


  • PowerPoint presentation does not look the same on the screen using the projector as it does on the pc monitor or laptop.
  • Black lines on the edges of a PowerPoint presentation when projecting on a projector or monitor. 
  • Aspect ratio configuration in PowerPoint does not match the ratio on the technology projecting the presentation. 


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A PowerPoint presentation is designed to work in two main aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9.  This aspect ratio is a configuration of the PowerPoint presentation and is independent of the technology being used, such as a projector or monitor. An aspect ratio is a relationship between the x,y measurements of a screen surface. Aspect ratio applies to all monitors and projectors.


Using a different format on a different screen will likely result in the following:

PowerPoint will not automatically change the aspect ratio of a presentation to a new aspect ratio. This is because choice of aspect ratio is an instructional design issue and simply changing aspect ratios on the fly could damage many presentations. This is because objects throughout the entire presentation may end up needing to be resized and repositioned. This problem becomes more likely as a presentation becomes more complex and especially when an image is sized down to 4:3 from 16:9.


Change the Aspect Ratio to remove the black lines on the edge of the presentation

  1. Create a backup copy of a presentation before attempting to change the aspect ratio.
  2. Change the aspect ratio in PowerPoint  by the Design->Slide Size or via View->Slide Master. These are both located on the top menu bar of PowerPoint.


Additional Resources

Faculty that need help with designing a PowerPoint presentation should contact the ISU Instructional Design Specialists. Information for the Instructional Design Resources can be found here.

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