How to Access Adobe Creative Cloud on Shared Computers


Due to a change in the Adobe licensing model, beginning Fall Semester 2019, users will be required to perform an additional sign in step when using Adobe software on shared, ISU owned (property tagged) computers. This applies to both PC and Mac users, and will happen on lab computers and shared office computers. This article will describe how to perform the steps necessary, and help users know what behavior to expect from the computers they are using Adobe software on.


Estimated Time to Complete

Signing in, especially for the first time, will vary depending on the age of the computer and its speed, but generally this process should take less than five minutes.



Adobe ID

For the purposes of this article, and using Adobe software on campus, your Adobe ID is your full email address. ex: This is different than your University ID.


Special Concepts

University Adobe ID vs. Private Adobe ID

It is important to note that OIT recognizes that there are many users who have an Adobe ID that is a part of a private purchase of Adobe CC software for their privately owned computers. Please do not use your private Adobe ID on ISU owned computers. Using your private Adobe ID could be a violation of your End User License Agreement (EULA).

Computer Login vs. Adobe Login

During this process, you will be entering credentials twice. For PC's, first you will enter your University ID (ex: gotrees24) and password to gain access to the computer, then you will enter your full email address (ex: in a different window to gain access to the Adobe software. For Mac's, first you will enter the shared lab user name and password to gain access to the computer, then you will enter your full email address (ex: in a different window to gain access to the Adobe software.

Steps for logging in to Creative Cloud

  1. Windows Users: Login to the computer using your University ID and Password.
    Mac Users: Login using the departmental or lab user name and password.
  2. Open any Adobe Creative Cloud application (i.e. PhotoShop, Premier, Acrobat)
  3. When presented with the window below, enter your full email address (i.e., you do not need to enter your password.
    Note: DO NOT sign in using Facebook or Google.
    Adobe CC Login Screen
  4. Click "Sign In".
  5. When presented with this window, click "Enterprise ID"
    Image to indicate clicking on Enterprise ID
  6. The following screen or similar a similar one should appear.
    Success screen
  7. You should now be able to open and use any Adobe CC applications installed on the computer.


Differences between Macs and Windows Computers

Windows machines should remember you as the Adobe CC user on your machine for extended periods of time. Mac users will likely be prompted on each attempt to use adobe applications to enter their Adobe ID. The Adobe ID will timeout on Macs every hour and a half, so if you are using Adobe applications for an extended period, you will receive the following message. Just click "Continue" to stay signed in.
Adobe "Are you still there" message


By following these steps listed above, including: (1) logging into the computer using your University ID, (2) logging into Adobe Creative Cloud using your full email address as your Adobe ID, and (3) identifying yourself as an enterprise user, you will be able to use Adobe CC applications on University owned equipment in labs and departmental shared use machines on campus.



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