Information about ISU data security, how to protect your personal and ISU device, security exemption request and consultation.

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Data Security and Management Standards

This article will provide the operational requirements for handling data according to Indiana State Universities policy for data security and management as defined in the University Handbook section 932.

Four Steps to Stay Safe Online

Making the most of technology safely and securely can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, regardless of what technology you are using or how you are using it, here are four simple steps that will help you stay secure.

McAfee DLP End User Notifications

This article provides general information about McAfee DLP end user notification when a file or message containing a Social Security Number (SSN) is sent in an email or copied to an external USB drive.

Screen Locking Standard

The standard screen saver lockout is set to 15 minutes. This security lockout feature should automatically initiate after the computer remains idle from user interaction after the standard, predefined time period. The user must then re-enter their password to gain access to the computer.

How to Identify and Act On an Email Phishing Attempt

This article describes the steps to take and what to look for in an email to help you identify an email phishing scam and protect your personal information. This article is for students, faculty, and staff.

How to Send a Secure, Encrypted Message from Your University Email Account to a Non ISU Email Account/User.

Office 365 Message Encryption allows ISU email users to send secure protected emails with individuals outside of the University. This can be important to ensure messages securely reach the intended recipient, especially if sensitive data is included.

Encryption FAQ

This article describes frequently asked question about Endpoint Encryption Software. The target audience students, faculty and staff .

How to Set Up Endpoint Encryption Password Self Recovery

This article describes how to set up password self-recovery on encrypted laptops.

User Account Control Message Requires Administrator Password to Continue

Windows workstations with CyberArk- enabled security will sometimes have a user account control message. This article provides suggestions on how to resolve this issue without entering an administrator password.