Reporting an Incorrectly Blocked Website (Cisco Umbrella)


Indiana State University subscribes to a cloud based security service that continuously monitors cyber-space for DNS (domain name system), infrastructure, and IP networks used in current and former cyber-attacks. Cisco Umbrella extends data protection to devices and users anywhere, whether they are on campus or in a remote location.  

Domain name servers (DNS) are at the heart of connecting every Internet request. Securing the DNS layer is the first line of defense in blocking malicious domains, IP addresses, botnets and cloud applications before a connection is ever established. The existence of a known propagation of malware, violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, illegal content, or other infractions of the ISU acceptable use of information technology policy will lead to internet content being blocked.

Newly seen domains are also blocked for a short period during which they are evaluated by security industry threat-feeds.  Many newly seen domains are created for phishing campaigns, malware, or other security related threats.  If you have created a domain and/or website for a class or the university, it may be flagged temporarily as a newly seen domain. You may request for it to be added to our allow-list if it is a legitimate site relevant to ISU academic use or university business.


For a newly seen domain or a site that you believe is being flagged incorrectly, please use the "Report an incorrect block" link at the bottom of the warning page. OIT Information Security personnel will assess if the site adheres to ISU's acceptable use policy and  add it to the allow-list so that it can be accessed and its reputation as a safe site will spread. You must use your ISU email address for consideration of the submitted request.

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For websites or domains that you believe ISU has mistakenly blocked, please follow the steps above to initiate a review.


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