ISU Live System Consultation


ISU Live 2.1 is the university standard, web based digital signage system that displays department news and campus news. Most of the content of ISU Live can be controlled by the department via a web portal. The main components of a new ISU Live system include a TV and a mini PC.

Standard Service Features

OIT staff will discuss with you the location, facility, and cost of your ISU Live system.

Customers are expected to provide the approximate location of the TV, the type of content to be displayed on the ISU Live system, and the time line as well as budget line for the new ISU Live system.

SLA: You can expect this service to be completed within 2 business days.


  • Any Department can request a new ISU Live system.
  • ISU Live systems are billed to the requesting department.
  • ISU Live users must complete training before being able to access and modify the contents of their ISU Live systems. Details will be sent upon completion of the service request.


When completing the form provide the following required information:

  • Department/Unit name for ISU Live
  • Number of ISU Live systems requested
  • Approximate locations (building and/or rooms) for the requested system(s).


Request New ISU Live


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