Slate is the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that centralizes and imports information from Banner and other ISU systems. Slate houses applications, events, forms, reports, and communications with various groups or individuals, including potential and current students, parents, employers, and professional contacts. Example offices that use Slate for mailbox functions include: Admissions, Financial Aid, Study Abroad, Office of the Registrar, and Scholarships.

ISU has two instances of Slate, each geared to a different point in the student life cycle. Both instances work together to provide a whole view of the student cycle.

Slate1, managed by Admissions, focuses on prospect through admission. Recruitment campaigns/communications, applications, and New Student Orientation can be found here. Records are created via imports, requests for information, or applications.

Slate2, managed by OIT-CRM Team, focuses on admits through graduation. Slate2 is used for campaign communications, inbox functions, non-admissions related applications, and individual/group event management. Banner serves as the system of record, and manages all record creation.

Standard Features

Request/Modify Account:

Request/Modify an account for either Slate 1 – Admissions, or Slate 2 – Current Students.

Request Service:

The following describes items within the Slate instances that can be created or modified via this request.

  • Forms – request the creation/modification/consultation of forms, which collect information for its respective Slate instance
  • Campaigns – request the creation/modification/consultation of campaign items. This includes population creation, campaign management, communications, etc.
  • Email Mailers – request the creation/modification/consultation of single email mailers.
  • Events – request the creation/modification/consultation of event items. This includes building the event, pre/post communications, registration pages, etc.
  • Queries – request the creation/modification/consultation of queries. Queries return information about individual records in Slate. Official queries for reporting purposes in Slate 2 must be approved by IT-CRM Team in order to ensure the query configuration is retrieving all appropriate records.
  • Reports - request the creation/modification/consultation of reports. Reports display Slate data in aggregate.
  • Snippets - request the creation/modification/consultation of snippets. Snippets are used to auto-fill an email.
  • SMS messagesThis is an Admissions only item. Request the creation/modification of SMS messages.
  • Training - request a training session for either an individual or a group of users.
  • General Troubleshooting / Other Requests – submit a request for any miscellaneous items not listed above.

Report an Issue:

This service is used to report any immediate issues with the system. Slate is cloud-hosted, meaning depending on the severity of the issue, resolution wait times may be dependent on the vendor.


ISU owns two instances of Slate, each geared to a different point in the student life cycle. Both instances work together to provide a whole view of the student cycle.The responsibility for most tickets regarding Slate depends on which instance of Slate the request is directed towards.

Slate1 : Recruitment through Admission

All tickets assigned to Slate1 are the responsibility of the ISU - Admissions team.

Slate2 : Admits through Graduation

All tickets assigned to Slate2 are the responsibility of the ICS - CRM Team.


Choose the appropriate request button (Request/Modify Account, Request Service, Report an Issue) on this page to get started. Additional information boxes will appear depending on the request type you select and the Slate instance it will impact.  You will also be able to add attachments to provide items such as email content, recipient lists, snippet drafts.

Request/Modify Account Request Service Report an Issue


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Service Offerings (3)

Slate - Account Request
Request or modify an account for either Slate 1 – Admissions, or Slate 2 – Current Students.
Slate - Service Request
Request for the creation, modification, or consultation on Slate items: forms, campaigns, events, queries, reports, snippets, email mailers, and SMS messages.
Slate - Report an Issue
Report an Issue related to Slate