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Argos delivers data-driven insights needed to make timely, better-informed decisions using database-derived information in the form of reports that can accommodate many different formats and delivery capabilities. Argos helps colleges and universities work better by delivering flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use reporting tools designed and tested by higher education experts.  For more information on Argos features and capabilities see the "Argos Overview" Knowledge Base article.

Standard Services and Features

As an ISU employee, you will use this service to:

  • Request a new Argos account 

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 4-business days

Constraints and Scope

  • Employee's supervisor or an Argos Security Officer are the only persons who can request that an Argos account be created.
  • Argos accounts are assigned to ISU faculty and or staff members that have a signed FERPA on file and a valid Banner ID.
    • If a FERPA is not signed, or if the requester does not have a valid Banner ID, the requester will be notified and the ticket request will be placed "On Hold" until the FERPA is signed and or the Banner ID is created.
  • All Argos account requests must be approved by the Argos security officers prior to processing.   
  • If the request includes access to the Office of Records and Registration (ORR) reports (Departmental Tools and or Managed Reports), then the account holder must attend and successfully complete the ORR training. 


Please select the Request Argos Account button and complete the form with as much detail as possible.  

Add New Argos Account

Argos account requests require basic account holder and supervisor contact information.  Specifically, this includes the following account holder items:

  • Employee Title of the account holder.
  • Banner ID of the account holder.
  • University ID of the account holder.
  • University User Name of the account holder.
  • University e-mail of the account holder.
  • Phone number of the account holder.
  • Indicate if a signed FERPA is on file.
  • Supervisor's First Name / Last Name of the account holder.
  • Supervisor's  University e-mail address of the account holder.
  • Argos account holder's role (Datablock designer, Report Viewer, Report Writer, Administrator)
  • Argos Group Type (option to select more than one group): Admissions, Alumni, Blackboard, Bursar, etc. 
  • Environment (option to select more than one environment): Production/Test/Beta

Once the account has been created the new account holder will be notified via e-mail. The new account holder should receive training from within their department.

New Argos Account Request

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