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Security Consultation to facilitate security best practices for business use cases or for risk assessment and data security considerations.

Standard Services and Features 

  • Data Loss Prevention – A consultation to determine the best practices for handling sensitive data in the context of storage or in transit.
  • Risk Assessment – A consultation to determine any unique security recommendations or requirements for systems, data or business practices.
  • Controlled Research Data Security – A consultation to determine the appropriation and data security plan for Controlled Research Data.
  • Email Encryption – A consultation or request to facilitate the secure transmission of sensitive data via email.
  • Secure Public Kiosk Request – A consultation or request for a public kiosk (NON-PAYMENT) to facilitate a secure public system for a specific use.
  • Software/Service Purchase Consultation – A consultation or requested review of software or service in regards to security requirements and integration considerations.
  • Email Message Analysis – A consultation or requested review of a received message to determine its authenticity (messages are best reported to for immediate attention).
  • Indiana State University secures web browser traffic using SSL certificates for all domains. If you host a web site or application under an sub-domain, you may request a certificate to secure traffic to your web server.
  • Miscellaneous data security related consultation requests.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 3 business days.


Faculty, staff, and students


Please indicate the nature of your consultation or service request with as much detail as possible.

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