PC Diagnostics and Tune-Up


This service is to request basic hardware diagnostics, software updates, and anything else you need to keep your machine running at full capacity.  This includes enterprise software installations and updates of (e.g., Banner, Argos, etc.), Java and other programs needed for University business.

Standard Services and Features

  • Hardware Diagnostics
    • Built-in diagnostics or 3rd party, depending on model.
    • Allows our hardware team to diagnose any current or potential hardware issues.
  • Software Updates
    • Windows Updates
    • Enterprise software updates
    • 3rd Party program updates (iTunes, Java, etc.,)
  • Software Installation Requests
    • Software provided by the user
    • Software available through the Software Center.
  • Miscellaneous requests related to your University-owned computer.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 2 business days.


This service is provided for faculty/staff on University-owned equipment only, and to current students.  Hardware service is not available (aside from basic diagnostics) for students who bring in non-scholarship laptop models.  This service is available for both laptops and desktops (no phones).


Students should bring their laptops / desktops to the Technology Support Center (TSC).  Faculty and Staff can either bring their device to the TSC, or call the TSC to request this service and their consultant will arrange for pick-up of the device.

Maintenance Schedule

Though there is no maintenance schedule for this service, there are times where the TSC will have a very high volume of service requests.  Start of school and end of spring semester are two of these times, and you may experience a longer turnaround time than usual.


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