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Request to install or update a program in a campus academic computer lab

Room Resource Calendars are special mailboxes that are used for booking a room to hold a meeting in.

This service is to request basic hardware diagnostics, software updates, and anything else you need to keep your machine running at full capacity.

Request Data Updates or Functionality Changes for Banner. Used for Service Requests to ICS personnel that are outside of standard account requests.

File Services provide network data storage services for individuals and departments.

The official university digital signage product. ISU live displays are large LCD displays that can be found all over campus displaying time, weather, ISU and departmental news and social media feeds.

Use this service to report issues with email and calendaring.

Indiana State University secures web traffic using SSL certificates for all domains. If you host a web site or application under an sub-domain, you may request a certificate to secure traffic to your web server.

This service is to request the installation of a new operating system OR to re-install your current operating system.

Departmental Shared Mailboxes are a special mailbox type that allows multiple people to access a single mailbox to send or receive messages. It can also be used for student employees so that their business communication stays separate from their student communication.

Collaborate offers two interfaces, Classic and Ultra. Courses are set to the Ultra interface by default, but instructors may request their course to be converted to Classic.

This service applies to servers that are operated and managed by OIT on behalf of Indiana State University faculty. This service does not apply to personal systems or student/staff systems.

Reporting issues with audio, video, and computer issues in the classrooms (both General and Discipline classrooms).

Reporting issues with audio, video, and computer issues in the Distance Education classrooms.

Reporting issues in the computer labs (both General and Discipline Specific).