International Travel Security Check


Before traveling internationally, it is important to plan for the technology access you will need at your destination. Some technologies are not permitted to travel into certain nations. There may be limitations on what ISU resources can be accessed from some locations, which may require alternative arrangements. Additionally, some access control mechanisms may function differently while traveling abroad. Once OIT receives this service request, we will investigate what obstacles you may encounter while traveling and work with you to ensure you have the tools you need while you are away.

Standard Features

Access Availability – We will review if any of the ISU resources you plan to access will be unavailable from your destination(s).

VPN and MFA Review – We will ensure you know how to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access secure ISU resources, and review how MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) works without cell service.

Export Control – We will review if there is any ISU-issued technology that is banned from entering your destination(s).

  • The following nations either do not recognize a "personal use exemption" for device encryption, or the export of encryption to these locations is forbidden by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Standard ISU encrypted laptops or mobile devices should NOT be taken to these locations.
    • Prohibited and/or Restricted Countries List:
      • Belarus
      • Burma (Myanmar)
      • China
      • Cuba
      • Hungary
      • Iran
      • Israel
      • Kazakhstan
      • Moldova
      • Morocco
      • North Korea
      • Russia
      • Saudi Arabi
      • Sudan
      • Syria
      • Tunisia
      • Ukraine
  • Before traveling to these countries (for any length of time), the OIT Technology Service Center must provide an unencrypted loaner laptop to the faculty/staff member.
  • Sensitive ISU and/or personal data should not be taken into these regions, as in many cases there is no guarantee of privacy by the respective government.
  • Faculty and Staff should request a consultation to understand the University Data Security Policy and what types of personal data should not be stored on the device:


This service is available to all faculty and staff.


To complete this form you will need to include:

  1. Your travel itinerary, including all countries you will be entering and the dates.
  2. What ISU-owned devices you are taking with you.
  3. What ISU work-related data you are taking with you.
  4. Which ISU resources you plan to access during your travels.
  5. Your present use of the MFA Android/iPhone App.
  6. Your present use of the ISU VPN.

Service Level Agreement

10 Business Days

Request Service

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