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A Departmental Printer is a shared resource among one or more areas.  Issues involving printer hardware or billing should be referred to Ricoh at 812-237-8500 for resolution.  Issues involving connection to a printer often necessitate troubleshooting between OIT and Ricoh.  Contacting either group will lead to a resolution.

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A first step in resolving printing issues is to locate from where the problem arises.  If the issue exists within the printer itself, the problem will be referred to Ricoh for resolution.  Examples of this type of problem are: poor print quality, multiple users unable to print, or print jams.  If the problem exists on the client computer, OIT will perform basic troubleshooting steps and work with Ricoh to resolve the issue.  Often these types of problems can be resolved by removing and reinstalling the printer from the computer.

SLA:  For non-urgent issues you can expect a reply within 4 business hours. 


Supported departmental printers at ISU are provided by Ricoh.  Printers purchased from other sources are not supported and should not be used.


As in most computer issues, it is best to restart as the first step in troubleshooting.  For a printer issue, both the user’s computer and printer should be restarted.  

If a restart does not resolve the issue, try to print a different type of file.  This will help determine if the problem is with the computer/printer or with the file itself.

If it is a very large file, try to print a few pages at a time.  Occasionally the file may exceed a printer’s limit, or there may be an image in the document that the printer has trouble processing.

Beware of resending the same job over and over.  If the printer is simply slow in responding, overwhelming it with data can worsen the issue.  If a document does not seem to be processing, delete it from the print queue before resending.  (Open the print queue, select the document, then select ‘cancel’ in the ‘Document’ menu.)

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