Website Update Request


When departments need to update content and features of their website, departmental editors are sometimes unavailable, unassigned or do not have permissions to make changes. This service allows departments to request changes to be made by OIT’s website admins on the department’s behalf.

Standard Services and Features

Using this service, faculty and staff can request content changes, page removal, page addition, image changes, etc for department sites on either the new or old website.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 5 business days.


The ability to meet the SLA’s for this service assumes relatively small changes to existing pages. If additional time or planning is necessary to complete the request, the requester will be contacted for additional clarification, discussion and to discuss the time line needed to complete the request.

Only faculty and staff may request content changes for their department. 


Please provide relevant information in the required fields. Please attach additional documents or images as is necessary to complete the work.

Request Edits


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Fri 4/7/23 2:27 PM
Tue 3/26/24 3:08 PM